Ka Rali


Ka Rali is the second work that Mangkara Comics has produced with artist Grover Megam. It is based on political events that took place in Meghalaya in 2015 regarding the Inner Line Permit and Village Administration Bill. The story follows the lives of two orphan brothers, as they are placed on two opposite sides of the issues. The story is inspired by actual events. I attended the VAB Rally on 31st May 2015 and I remember hearing my neighbors preparing for the rally. It just so happened that one of my neighbors was a member of a local NGO while the other was a member of the police force. The cheerful banter, sharing, laughing which they exchanged while getting ready for the rally seemed joyful yet I wondered what would happen if something were to go wrong in the rally and they were to meet each other there. It made me think that there is more that ties us than mere political, ideological, or religious ideals. There is the ‘community’; the ‘community’ that has survived from eons since; it survived pre colonial struggles, colonial oppression, political instability, economic hardships and so on. It has and will continue to survive no matter what it is put through.

November 12, 2016

Mangkara Comics