18 Degrees Comic Book and Story telling Workshop 2014

18 Degrees Comic Book and Story telling Workshop 2014

‘18 Degrees Festival’ – a multifaceted festival of art, culture, music under the aegis of Department of Arts and Culture, Government of Meghalaya was held in the State Central Library Campus from 26th – 28th September 2014. Painters, cartoonist, artists, graffiti artists took part in the festival. Prominent among them was Parismita Singh and Orijit Sen. Orijit Sen is regarded as one of the first artists to bring out a graphic novel in India. His graphic novel titled ‘River of Stories’ is relevant even in the present time. Parismita Singh had worked with Orijit Sen to bring out the ground breaking anthology ‘PAO: The Anthology Of Comics’ which showcased the comics and illustrations from artists all over India. Parismita Singh has also recently brought out a graphic novel ‘The Hotel at the End of the World’ which talks about issues related to North Eastern India. .

As part of the 18 Degrees Festival Orijit Sen conducted a Comic book Story-telling Workshop , shared his experiences and suggestions and spoke extensively on the various aspects of graphic novel making.

We have chosen two works to showcase in this section. They emerged after a long days work of writing, story boarding, sketches, corrections and deliberations.

‘The Circle’ written by Reuben Lulam and illustrated by John Lalchhanchhuaha (you can check out his art work here http://chhana.deviantart.com) is a very interesting work with importance being given equally to the art and to the script. The story is a thriller/ horror with an unexpected twist at the end and the simple and joyful scene at the start of the work builds up to the twist. There is only one page with a script and yet the script on this page does not reveal much instead it helps to build the suspense/mystery. The rest of the story is told through the images and the well placed panels. Considering that this worked emerged after a one day workshop we can only imagine what works the duo will produce on future collaborations!

‘To Lock or Not’ by Nocy Rangsa Marak is a subtle examination of the hidden prejudices and stereotypes which hide in things which we take for granted. The paneling and images for most of the pages remains the same but the script changes the meaning of each panel and gives the images a significance of their own. This is one work that is unique in the sense that it is able to take a personal experience and then present it in a format that is understood to all; the message is clear. We look forward to more works from her.

November 12, 2016

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